Point of View towards a Theory

Theory: There are so many theories that are published in as a part of a study ever since science had its root, like Evolution Theory, Big Bang Theory, and Theory of Use and Disuse and many  more. However, theories are defined as problems that have no definite conclusion. They have a conclusions but the answer varies from time to time. This is why there is no correct answer and the answer is not proven as true.

Theories may come in different areas of science, astronomy, geography and many other branches of a study. Even in a case study, there will always be a theory or opinion from different people. If a theory is proven as true, then it can be called science.

Theories are presented as a glimpse of fact but there is no entire truth in it. People have theories about something when they face a situation but when the same situation happens, there is different cycle of a phenomenon. This is hwy many people are having superstitious beliefs are emerging from tribes to tribes and each has a different belies based on the ending of the experience people have.

Some believe theory base on their experiences and some oppose them with the same reason. This is why theories are forgotten but science will never not not be forgotten because there is truth and will always be true until the end. No matter what happens, science will be studied and science if developing to this very day. This is why there is a battle between science and theory.