Astronomy: the Earth and the Universe

According to Astronomers, the world is just a tiny speck of dust in the universe, like drop on a bucket. This this earth is nothing compared to the universe. In fact, no one can measure how wide the universe is. They have not yet even reached even a third of it.

There are around 200 billion galaxies in the universe and each galaxy contains around 200 billion stars. In this case, how wide is a the universe? The Milky Way Galaxy where mankind belongs to is super enormous, how much more when consider other 200 billion galaxies?

Now, astronomy says that human eye can only see 4% of the universe. The 4% includes the heavenly bodies that we see when we look up into the sky. No one can perceive what is in the universe because it belongs to the 4th dimension.

Scientists say that heavenly bodies are in perfect location, temperature, speed of revolving and all other aspects. They say that its perfection is beyond human imagination. They are so proud of the Powerful Being, they call God for His Power and Glory.

However, there is a thing that is so scary for the planet. There are so many asteroids and comets that are always scientists say will strike the earth, but always delayed as if it is waiting for the appointed time.

Many astronomers have already flown to space to see what is in there and they have discovered that they can not go beyond the black hole. Even if they reach it, they will die soon because of the lack of gravity.